After having gained extensive experience within the airline industry for years rangeing from shop floor level to management level, this business was founded in 2003 and has expanded since. We are continually looking for ways to improve our services and serve our clients interests better


Welcome to our website. We are a experienced aviation consultancy company that can provide the following services at your requirement

We are able to provide engineering and management services to asset management companies, aircraft lessors, lessees, airlines and aircraft owners

  • Civil Aircraft airworthiness reviews
  • Pre-purchase inspections or audits
  • Aircraft lease transfer projects
  • Interim engineering and maintenance management services
  • Maintenance programme review or draw-up
  • Reliability report interpretation
  • Heavy maintenance technical representative services
  • Maintenance subcontracting and benchmarking for aircraft operators
  • Contract Management
  • Part M continuing airworthiness services


Airworthiness reviews

These are carried out as per part M, subpart G, MA.710 and subpart I AMC's. The Aircraft is verified against TCDS and STC's and maintenance and modification records are reviewed, including AD and lifed part verification and structural repair substantiation. AFM is verfied against current revision and inclusion of STC's and modifications. And a condition check of the aircaft is carried out. An airworthiness review can be beneficial prior to Certificate of Airworthiness application or ARC renewal by a Part M approved organisation.

Pre-purchase and pre-lease inspections or audits

This includes airworthiness review but also includes verification for upcoming AD's, mandatory modifications and additional certification requirements, for example when the a/c is imported from outside a bilateral regulatory environment.Lessors or asset management companies often have their own inspection and reporting requirements which are naturally adhered to.

Aircraft lease transfer projects

A lease transfer does have the airworthiness review element but usually lease contracts specify the delivery conditions of both aircraft and records. During lease transfer projects, an important part is to help the new lessee with import, registration on their national register and Cof A application. Another important elemant is the bridging of the aircrafts status into the maintenance programme of the receiving lessee. As most lease transfers happen after heavy checks, the bridging can be prepared during the delivery check.

Interim engineering and maintenance management

Interim management services can be of various degrees of complexity and magnitude. Implemantation of a software pack into a maintenance organisation or phase in of a single aircraft or setup of a maintenance records control system or review of outstanding service publications just tomention a few possibilities. These services can only be tailor made to the clients requirements. We always make sure to have an agreement with the client as to how to achieve the clearly defined objectives and make sure there is comprehensive reporting to provide maximum transparency for the client.

Maintenance programme review or draw-up

Maintenance programme draw-up is done as per EASA Part M subpart C AMC's and aircraft TCDS. As per part M, the intention of a mainenance programme is closely associated with a comprehensive reliability monitoring programme and reporting as well as TC holder service publication and AD review. In other words, the validity of the maintenance programme will only be ensured if the airplane operation is continually monitored and the programme updated accordingly.

Reliability programme interpretation

A commercial aircraft operator must monitor aircraft reliability and take actions accordingly. For some aircraft operators, this is a cumbersome task and gets done in little spare time of engineers and reviews get undocumented. Yet civil aviation authorities closely audit this process. We can help making this process more transparent to both the operator and civil aviation authorities.

Heavy maintenance tech repping

Heavy maintenance is obviously a cyclic thing and consequently puts peak burdens on maintenance organisations. Often maintenance engineers are pulled off the line to tech rep airplanes. We believe a tech rep should be fully familiar withthe contents of the contract with the Part 145 organisation as well as to be completely familiar with the assigned work pack. A tech rep should have a feel for where weak links are in a project and be able to understand and participate in manpower allocation, furthermore he must be able to organise and chair preparation- and progress meetings with a critical yet particiating attitude.During the course of the check, the paperwork must be verified against work pack contents and for proper sign-off and provision of source documents. Furthermore he should be able to provide comprehensive reporting during and at the end of a project in order to justify paying the bill with confidence. We can help aircaft operators out on the often underestimated task of tech repping a heavy check.

Maintenance subcontracting and benchmarking

Be it airframe repair or overhaul, engines, landing gear or other high cost projects, every responsible manager carries out thourough benchmarking before getting into final negotiations with any party. For lessees, operators and lessors it requires a lot of legwork before one is able to provide a purchase manager or technical manager with comparable quotes to be able to take decisions with wich party to go ahead and come to an agreement. First, the qoutes must be based on the same criteria to be able to avoid comparing apples with pears. It takes an thorough investigation into the real capabilitiesof the provider as opposed to the advertised ones; realistic turn times, correct certification, Availability of expertise like NDT, borescope (blend), shot peen, machining capabilities for structural repairs and part manufacture (PMA), avionics and mechanical component testing and repair capabilities, etc. We have a thorough understanding on how complex it can be to benchmark maintenance providers and can help out by doing all the investigation and produce comprehensive reporting to the decision makers. This will save them a lot of time and money. And hassle.

Contract management

Contracts often stem from commercial agreements and comprise business processes of considerable magnitude and complexity, yet they usually do not describe these processes in detail. It is important to "translate" the contents and intention of the contract into detailed tasks, responsibilities and interactions for the people that are "hands-on". Additionally, on long running contracts, scope creep often occurs and should be reflected in amended contracts and procedure manuals. Regular contract review is necessary especially on longer running contracts. And regular benchmarking prior to renegotiating extensions will be beneficial.

Part M continuing airworthiness services

We can help in CAME(Continued Airworthiness Managent Exposition) draw-up and implementation as well as providing subpart F and G services as we have benchmarked the software available on the market today. It takes a comprehensive software package to cover all the processes of continuing airworthiness management. We found that the more expensive packages are certainly not the best and it is worthwile to thoroughly search the market at any time as the software suppliers continually optimize their products with customer input. We can also assist in implementing software into your organisation or manage and control the data ourselves with full online access for the aircraft operator. The extent of part M services can be widely varied and must be tailor made to your requirements. If interested, please contact us for quotes on various service packages. We will also be able to advise you on the software to be used.