After having gained extensive experience within the airline industry for years rangeing from shop floor level to management level, this business was founded in 2003 and has expanded since. We are continually looking for ways to improve our services and serve our clients interests better


November 2006; Mak Aircraft Engineering Services comes on-line, improving market penetration into aviation engineering and management consultancy.

November 2006; Received confirmation of enrolment into UK CAA Airworthiness course held from 26-Feb-07 thru 17-Mar-07.

November 2006 thru Jan 2007: Assigned to support lease return of a Boeing 767-300ER from Blue Panorama at Rome FCO, Italy. An extensive end of lease work pack, among which an S4C, S8C and lower structural checks, all systems C-checks, several AD's and alert SB's and installation of titled engine are being carried out on the aircraft.

Feb 2007: B767-300ER delivered from Blue Panorama to North American Airlines on 19 Feb. Aircraft received FAA C of A before ferry to JFK.

Mar 2007: Successfluly completed the UK CAA Airworthiness course from 26-Feb-07 thru 15-Mar-07 in Crawley UK.

Mar 2007: Assigned to support delivery of two 737-800 from Sterling Airlines in Copenhagen. from 21-Mar-07 onwards. Delivery of the last aircraft is likely to take place by the end of May 2007.

Jun 2007: Two 737-800 from Sterling got delivered to Transavia France

Sept 2007: Representing for a Dutch commercial aircraft operator at Boeing Renton during final assembly and delivery of a new B737-800.

Nov 2007: The first 737-800 (above) for ArkeFly had been assembeled, test flown and delivered in time for revenue service, The delivery flight from Boeing field on 7-November 2007 was conducted as their first revenue flight with the aircraft.

Dec 2007: Managing a repair of a B 767 with ground damage in Crete on behalf of the operator of the aircaft.

Feb 2008: After a project in wich Boeing AOG, Condor Cargo Technik, Support Air from the UK, Pandair from Greece and KMF from Greece cooperated in a very proactive and constructive way, the repaired and restored 767 returned to the air on 3-Feb-08.

March 2008: We improved our accommodation by moving into a new office at Beech Avenue 54-80, Schiphol Rijk. This is located very close to the airport and there are meeting rooms available which makes it very convenient for visiting customers and partners.

May thru July 2008: Participated in a project at Martinair. The assignment was to prepare a Boeing 767-300ER and its records for return to the lessor. The activities consisted of retrieving relevant records and certificates, compiling summaries, analysing the current maintenance program and compiling the contents of the end of lease check to ensure the aircraft would comply with return conditions. The project was conducted for SGI Aviation Services. The project was discontinued as Martinair decided to continue operating the aircraft and not return it to their lessor.

August-September 2008: Participated temporarily in the redelivery and delivery of a number of Embraer ERJ-145's in the UK.

October 2008: Carried out a pre return audit on a Sterling 737-300 just prior to the demise of Sterling Airlines in Copenhagen.

December 2008 thru March 2009: Acted as resident representative for TUI airline ArkeFly to conduct build reviews and technical acceptance of two factory deliveies of B737-800 series aircraft. This makes a total of three factory deliveries.

March thru July 2009: Acted as on site representative of a lease return of a B737-400 series aircraft. The redelivery check was carried out at Shannon Aerospace facilities, SHannon, Ireland.

Aug 2009: Conducted pre-purchase inspection on a Cessna Model 510 Mustang at Schiphol airport.

Aug-Sep 2009: Carried out a pre lease return audit on two A320 aircraft at Nouvelair, Monastir Tunisia.

Oct 2009: Monitored a pre-hand back C8 check on a Wizz A320 at Monarch Aircraft Engineering Luton UK.

Jan 2010: The business address has moved to Kudelstaart, near Schiphol Airport. The office address remains where it is.